Declaración de la Iniciativa Comunista Europea sobre los problemas ambientales

Oct 21, 2016 | Internacional



Capitalism, by its inherently predatory, exploitative and wasteful character, pollutes, poisons and lays waste the natural resources of the planet. The Paris Agreement in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, for the management of major environmental problems from the standpoint of the interests of monopoly capital, was recently approved by the European Parliament.

The sensitivity of the peoples as regards environmental problems and chiefly the various solutions that are presented as necessary are being utilized in the framework of the inter-imperialist contradictions in order to lend impetus to the profitability of the business groups. The aim of the EU and the governments is for a “green” technology that will be a weapon of the EU monopolies in the framework of the international competition. The environmental problems are also utilized as mechanisms for the manipulation the peoples, for the penetration of imperialism in the form of NGOs into every corner of the planet.

A fierce competition is taking place on this terrain for the control of the markets and the definition of the goals and monitoring mechanisms and the distribution of funding in order to deal with climate change.

Much of the research and lobbying behind genetically modified organisms (GMO) is financed by the agricultural monopolies themselves, and have in many cases been found to endanger health in independent studies. With the possible adoption of the TTIP or a similar agreement between the EU and the USA, there will be serious consequences that will abolish basic environmental regulations and even the minimum levels of security provided for up until the present day. It will further negatively affect the protection of public health and the satisfaction of the dietary needs of the peoples. The relatively stricter models of security for food and the environment etc. in the EU in comparison to the USA is not due to the pro-people concern of the EU, but is related to strengthening the European monopoly groups against their rivals, because they function in a way today that “protects” the European monopolies from imports into the EU by similar US, Chinese etc. monopolies.

There is no doubt that the monopolies in agriculture aim to maximise profits without considering the detrimental effects for the peoples, polluting the environment. In this context, we have the recent Volkswagen scandal, which is a sign of the great competition between the business groups and that with, the aim of the greatest possible profits, they violate every provision which protects the environment.

The reactionary policies and positions are damaging which are being brought forward by all the bourgeois parties, including the greens, that invoke “the “responsible” behaviour of consumers (or businesses) while simultaneously they encourage and ideologically uphold the material foundations of capitalism that bring incentives leading to the increasing environmental problems.

Capitalism is not compatible with the protection of the environment. There can be no struggle for a better environment without simultaneously battling capitalism. Production has to be reorganized in a way as to not maximise profits of monopolies, but to allow for a healthy environment according to the needs of man, of the peoples and in which current and future generations can thrive, without monopolies, profits and exploitation. There is only one mode of production that allows this, and it is socialism.